Emergency Preparedness

The terrorist attacks against the United States have left each one of us asking the question, How can our families and our community better prepare in the case of an emergency?

City of Coweta Emergency Preparedness Guide

The City of Coweta Emergency Preparedness Guide was written for Coweta residents by the Coweta Public Works Department and will help you and your family to better prepare for all types of emergencies ranging from tornadoes to bioterrorism events. It offers advice on how to make an emergency plan, put together a preparedness kit, and gives basic information on what to do before, during, and after any public emergency.

Although we cannot always prevent emergencies, there are many things we can do to be better prepared as individuals, families, and as a community. I ask that all Coweta residents take a moment and read this guide. I also encourage you to assist others, such as senior citizens and others in need, to help them to be better prepared for an emergency. I hope you find this Emergency Preparedness Guide helpful.

This section contains some basic information about disasters and tips on emergency preparedness. It will help you and your families to make an Emergency Plan, put together an Emergency Kit, and learn what to do before, during, and after a disaster. This guide will also give you some tips on how to know when there is an emergency, information about different types of disasters that could happen in the Coweta area and advice on how you can stay safe if and when they do.