Zoning Changes

Aerial Photo with Colored Zoning OverlaysZoning changes are processed through the Planning Commission, which makes recommendations to the City Council.


Changes to the zoning code and/or text require a minimum of 20 days public notification.

Staff will place the notice in a local paper, mail notification to owners of property within 300 feet of the subject property and contract for posting of a sign on the property. The applicant is required to provide a 300-foot ownership list certified by an abstracting company.


The application fee runs from $100 to $200 depending on the intensity of the proposed use; the fee for sign posting is $50. Costs for the ownership list, newspaper publication and mail out vary but typically run in the range of $150.

Processing Time

Typical processing time from application to City Council action is approximately 45 days.

Additional Information

For details on the process and fees associated with requesting zoning changes within the City of Coweta, you may contact 918-486-2189.