Trade Permits

Bad Wiring Example

Permits for new construction work, repairs and alterations are required for each trade, unless those trades are already included as part of a new construction or remodel permit, or are exempt from requiring a permit.

Property Owners

A property owner is entitled to carry out their own building work, and certain electrical, mechanical, plumbing and roofing work as allowed by the State on his own property, but will need to demonstrate his competence through providing detailed design plans and/or calculations that would normally be taken for granted from a State Licensed Professional Contractor.

Contractors, Journeyman & Apprentices

Contractors, journeymen and apprentices must all be State Licensed or Registered, and all must be Registered with the City of Coweta before working within the City of Coweta limits.

Trade Permit Fees

  • Commercial Trade Permit fees are $25 plus $4.50 State UBCC fee for each inspection of each individual trade
  • Residential Trade Permit fees are $25 plus $4.50 State UBCC fee for each individual trade