City Planner

If you have questions regarding zoning, subdivision development, platting and floodplain determinations, please contact the Coweta City Planner.


The City Planner with the City of Coweta and is charged with assisting the Community Development Director with reviewing and processing:

  • Applications for Building Permits (For the Building Inspector)
  • Board of Adjustment Cases
  • Minor Subdivisions
  • Rezoning Cases
  • Subdivision Plats

The City Planner also assists in providing support for the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment.

Building Permit Applications

Building permit applications are available and submitted at Coweta City Hall and are reviewed and approved by the City Planner and the Building Inspector. Typical processing time is four to five working days. Questions about building permit reviews and/or requirements can be addressed to Simon Williams, Building Inspector, at 918-279-7213.

City Planning Documents