Code Enforcement

The City of Coweta Code Enforcement Department seeks the correction of public nuisances through City Ordinances and State Statutes to protect the community's health, safety, and welfare.
Common issues the City Code Enforcement Department addresses include:
  • Lawns exceeding 12" in height
  • Trash and debris presenting a pest, public health, or fire hazard
  • Vacant buildings in danger of collapse, that are unsecured and/or abandoned, or a nuisance to the surrounding community
  • Vehicles parked in open view that are non-operational or cannot be driven legally
  • Crowded or obstructed streets and sidewalks that impact public use
  • Stagnant water
  • Swimming pools that lack required safety features
  • Abandoned or discarded appliances
  • Excessive, hazardous, or noxious fumes rendering a property uncomfortable for its occupants
Issues the City Code Enforcement Department does not address include:
  • Obnoxious exterior design or landscaping choices
  • Overhanging shrubbery
  • Fences potentially encroaching on property lines
  • Complaints requiring assistance from Coweta Police Department or Animal Control
Timeframes for Compliance:
  • Many public nuisances are corrected informally within a few days.
  • Most abatement cases are resolved in two to three weeks. This timing provides property owners with proper notice and time to make corrections on their own. 
  • Abatements involving dilapidated buildings have different notice and process requirements.
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Code Enforcement will be working to ensure the City of Coweta is a place where people want to live. 

Report Code Violation

If you wish to report a code violation please call 918-486-2189 and ask for Code Enforcement.