Weeds and Trash

Overgrown weeds

It is a violation within the City of Coweta to allow grass to grow to a height greater than 12 inches or to permit the accumulation of trash on private property.

Definition of a Weed

A weed is defined by Oklahoma Law as "any vegetation at any state of maturity, which exceeds 12 inches in height except healthy trees, shrubs, or produce for human consumption grown in a tended and cultivated garden." This definition includes dead or diseased trees on private property.

Definition of Trash

Trash is defined as "any refuse, litter, ashes, leaves, debris, paper, combustible materials, rubbish, offal, or waste, or matter of any kind of form which in uncared for, discarded, or abandoned."

City Ordinance

Review the Code of Ordinances (Health and Sanitation) - Chapter 1 - Weeds and Trash (PDF).